About The Drinkery


To put it simply, we love craft – From the raw ingredients of hop varietals to the extraordinary grapes a well maintained vineyard can produce year after year - we are among the most passionate consumers of our own products. Our goal is to make our favorites, your favorites. With offices in Los Angeles and Singapore, The Drinkery is well represented in the two biggest markets for new craft beer and wine. Working with the best beverage professionals in the business we’ll get your product in front of cutting edge consumers looking for products beyond the bland and boring.


The Drinkery supports the small and independent brewers & winemakers we love – artistans who may use traditional methods but strive to innovate and create new styles that have no precedent.


The Drinkery understands our responsibility as a wholesaler and we have made critical investments in temperature controlled storage, temperature controlled trucks and the post delivery technical services that are required to ensure freshness and consistent pour quality for all of our products.

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As the only craft beer and wine distributor with offices in both the US and Singapore, The Drinkery creates strong producer ties locally then uses carefully strategized outreach to sales accounts, social media, marketing and on site education to share these brands with the ever growing customer base in the Pacific Rim.

Our understanding of the evolving tastes and preferences of the Asian based consumer has allowed us to unite the passionate drinker with breweries and wineries to share stories, create memories and help introduce them to the fastest growing craft region in the world.


Meet The Drinkery

  • Rick Margaritov

    Rick Margaritov

    Born in the middle of Oktoberfest with the surname Margarita (sort of), Rick’s path from bartender at famed A.O.C to helping Thomas Keller launch Bouchon Bistro to being the chief brand shepherd of The Drinkery portfolio seemed preordained. Although he may be able to close his eyes, swirl a glass under his nose and properly identify American versus German hops or Santa Rita Hills Pinot, it’s the lives and history of the producers themselves that inspire his journey.

    Favorite Wine Memory

    Reaching across the bar to pour a glass of 2001 Flowers Perennial for a hottie in a black dress... now his wife and baby mama!

  • Eric Cohen

    Eric Cohen

    Eric’s aha moment was a bike tour through Burgundy and he hasn't looked back (because that could be dangerous when cycling). His love of small, family owned wineries led to the development of several in the US and utilizing his almost 25 years in consumer products he continues to love the creativity and team camaraderie necessary to build successful brands.

    Favorite Beer

    Saison's & Sours.

    Favorite Wine

    Anything that begins with Gevrey Chambertin.

  • Maria Williams

    Maria Williams

    Maria wants to live in a world where great craft beer is available to all who seek it! As the company logistics and accounting fanatic, she is living the dream, and working to make worldwide craft beverages a reality. When she’s not sending product around the world, you can find her hiking, biking, or backpacking in all of the world’s natural places. Or, more realistically, you’ll find her enjoying a cold beer at a local restaurant at the end of an outdoor adventure.

    Beer she hopes to rep one day

    Societe & Deschutees.

    Favorite Wine

    All things Malbec & Riesling.

  • Jan Dietrich

    Jan Dietrich

    The man on the ground! 'Who you calling old??’ Younger than you think, Jan is working the Singapore territory with a huge dose of fun and passion. If there’s a new trendy pub opening or some events going down, be sure he will be there to promote great craft beer and raise a glass of his own with everyone.

    Favorite Beer

    It depends on the mood but you can never be wrong with a tasty Pale Ale!

  • Wes Guild

    Wes Guild

    If you don’t think of Wes Guild when hearing the name Wolfgang Puck maybe you should. For nine years Wes worked with the Master Chef, opening restaurants on every continent and creating wine lists that have collected almost as many awards as Meryl Streep.

    Favorite Beer

    Man cannot live by wine alone (why?) so Wes has been known to enjoy a Modern Times Blazing World “drafty" when the full moon rises.

  • Yvette Yeo

    Yvette Yeo

    Yvette mixes marketing and graphic design for a living, is an avid admirer of all things creative, a supporter of logic, trial-and-error and underdogs. She is also a hands-on girl who prefers action to conversation... so LET'S GET CRACKING!

    Favorite Beer

    Saisons, sours and occasionally a coffee stout to wind down a busy day.